Monsignor John A. Abucewicz

Monsignor John A. Abucewicz is a visible personality in the Archdiocese of Boston. He spent many years of service to our Polish-American community as a parish priest and to our country as a military chaplain. In all his accomplishments and activities, deep faith and the spirit of patriotism is clearly evident. He grew up in a Polish-American family where faith and Polish traditions shaped and crystallized his Polish identity.

He was ordained in 1944 and assigned as an assistant pastor at Saint John's Church in Salem, MA, where he served for four years. He was then transferred to Saint Hedwig's in East Cambridge, MA and served for one year before entering the U. S. Navy as a Chaplain assigned to Camp Pendleton, Califomia. At that time, a movie was being filmed at the Camp starring John Wayne, who was a convert to Catholicism. Monsignor Abucewicz was chosen as an extra in one of the scenes anointing a wounded Marine. He served in the military for twenty-two years during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. After completing his military service he returned to the Archdiocese and served as Pastor of Holy Trinity in Lowell, MA for twenty years.

Monsignor Abucewicz has written three novels, "Fool's White", "A Seamless Garment" and "Cast the First Stone", available at Barnes and Noble. He is also an amateur painter and has painted one-hundred-seven pictures, twenty-eight of which are original Madonna paintings.

Monsignor Abucewicz belongs to the generation of Pope John Paul II, in fact he was born the same year as our late Pope. His pastoral ministry was marked by dedication to the people and adherence to Polish-American spirituality. His fluent Polish language enabled him to promote the Polish devotional practices throughout his life, but especially at Holy Trinity Church, where he served as Pastor. He is indeed a well known, respected priest in the Archdiocese of Boston. He has made numerous trips to Poland and was very much involved in helping Poland during the Marshall Law crisis.

He truly represents a priest whose vision is wider than his own parish and whose accomplishments make a difference in the Polish-American Community.